For the 2018 Spring season, CanWest is excited to announce a new partnership with Sparks Gym!  Located @ Kinsmen Twin Arenas.  They have worked with the Edmonton Oilers, Edmonton Eskimos, Edmonton Road Runners, Edmonton Rush and with players that have played for FC Edmonton. In addition, they have trained athletes all over the NHL, AHL, WHL, AJHL, SJHL, MJHL and NOHL. Many University and College level athletes from Canada and the US, as well as several National team members from various sports, also train at SPARK.

Our Sport Specific Training is based on years of working specifically with athletes and the demands of their sport. This is NOT CrossFit or GPP (General Physical Preparedness). This is a scientifically sound, Periodized, age-appropriate, Strength, and Conditioning Program.


This off-ice training from SPARK will ensure our athletes are better conditioned than players from any other organization!