There seems to be some confusion in regards to the classification of Gold – Silver AAA Hockey teams.  We are constantly getting questions online or direct phone calls asking if we are going to field Gold or Silver teams?

First let us look into how these terms started in the Hockey World (“Gold Team or Silver Team).  Well folks the term originated right here at Can West AAA Hockey.  About 25 years ago we started an 8 team tournament.  Over the years we built it into a 240 team Tournament spread over two cities and using 30+ sheets of ice.  We have since passed that tournament along to a hockey organization in Calgary.

Once we grew to a certain size we realized and even were requested to split teams up based on abilities.  We had to come up with division names that would easily explain what the division was all about.  So after much brainstorming and a few Lager’s we settled on Gold Division and Silver Division.  This classification really was well accepted in the spring hockey world.

We get inquiries from teams to our new tournament, the AAA Spring Classic concerning these classifications.

So when someone says “Oh we’re playing on a gold team” and it is beginning of November.  How do they know?  This time of year the probability that there roster is finalized is slim.  The chances that their competition’s roster is finalized is even slimmer.   When we started using the classification for “Gold & Silver”,  gold meant the top ten percent of the teams.  This could be determined by the previous years results if the team was making no roster moves.  But in most cases it is just a guess.  One doesn’t really know the lay of the land until they actually play some games, to determine if they are a top team, middle team or bottom team.  It depends on their team as well as the calibre of the competition.

It is easy enough for our tournament to classify the teams, because ours it at the end of the year.  However I am told that some organizations use the terms Gold or Silver as recruiting tools.  Ask questions:

  1. By Gold, do you mean you are entering only Gold Tournaments?  You don’t have to be a gold team to enter a gold division.  Some teams may just want to test the waters to determine how close they are.
  2. So your roster is all set?  If the answer is no, there is no way knowing the status of the team.
  3. If the roster is full, who do you have?  You should contact these players just to see and get their opinions of the strength of team.

Finally does it really matter?  Your player should be having fun and improving.  Look for the environment that will best provide that.

Send us your ideas determining if you are a Gold – Silver team.  Especially before xmas and before the season starts.  We will add these to the article.  Please use our contact form.