What is Spring Hockey?
Spring hockey is  non sanctioned hockey that typically takes place from April to the end of June.  There are various providers of spring hockey that typically recruit or have tryouts for their teams.  These teams then travel to tournaments and practise and play exhibition games between tournaments.

What makes Canada West All-Stars unique in spring hockey?
Canada West All-Stars philosophy is one of development as opposed to win at all costs attitude that  prevails in many teams out there. Our success speaks for itself, we have put an incredible amount of players into junior, NCAA and pro hockey. We have adopted a tryout program, as well as coaches can sign a set number of players prior to tryouts.  This tryout system is unique in Canada.  It provides the maximum opportunity for all players.  We are able to do this because we have a dedicated scout out looking at players, this is a unique  feature in spring hockey. Having tryouts is an incredible amount of work, and not all teams are willing to provide this to there players.

What are the cost’s involved in Spring Hockey?
There is no doubt that spring hockey is expensive.  Spring hockey teams receive no subsidies on ice and are paying the same as adult users.  In the Fall of 2008 some area ice has rented as high as $250 an hour.  We do not see this cost going down  Canada West All-Stars are unique in that the costs are determined by each team. For example if one team wishes to include gloves, shells and player tape in the costs the team fees for that team would be higher.
Please ask the team you are trying out for what is included in the costs. Especially the amount of  ice the team has scheduled in.  This will vary from team to team. Costs not included in team fees, are travel and accomodation costs to and from the rink and to tournaments.

What does it cost to be part of Can West?
After player insurance is paid the cost is aproximately $65 – $70 per player. All other costs are determined by the individual team based on ice costs ect. ect.  Each team prepares there own budget.   This adminstration fee is used to cover the overhead of the organization.  Such items would include:  Website, accountant, lawyer, organization phones, office supplies, business machines, gas payment for scouts, hotels for scouting, warehouse rental for supplies, office rental, graphic designer, web site technician, printing costs, maliling costs, coaches reference materials, these are to name but a few of the organizations expenses.  We are proud to be totally transparent with these adminstration fees.  This makes it very easy for each team to determine the final cost to the player based on there individual program.

How did you choose the ice facilities that you did?
Canada West is proud to rent ice from the City of Edmonton a key ice spring supplier in the area.  We have estabilished a AAA rating with the city, for prompt payment of account and superior behaviour of our players at these facilities.  As a result our majority of ice comes from the city.  We try to have a facility in each quandrant of the city and do our best to accomodate each coaches request as to the arena they practise out off. This is unique to Can West

How much ice does each team get?
There is no set amount, each coach gets what he requests that he feels is necessary to run his team.  Our base amount that we provide to teams is aproximately 5 hours per weekend.  Some coaches may provide more or less. Please ask how much ice you are getting for your fees. We assume each team gets the same amount of ice, this is not the case.  Can West is proud to be able to supply the amount of ice that each coach requests.   Simply put Can West teams get more ice per team on average that any organization of our size in Canada.