Can West has partnered with shooting consultant Chris Joseph, owner of BASE Hockey Edmonton, to give our players an extra edge by providing them with expert shooting instruction. Each team will work with Chris during two on-ice sessions and players will receive a personalized off-ice session to enhance their shooting skills.

The BASE experience focuses on three primary pillars to enhance individual abilities:

  • Shooting analysis
  • Custom sticks
  • Shooting instruction (how to shoot more accurately)

Shooting Analysis

Shooting analysis begins with reviewing and understanding the fundamental mechanics of each player’s shot. All Can West players will begin with an on-ice session, where Joseph will identify how they shoot and where they typically shoot from. Two hi-speed cameras will be present and each participant’s shot will be captured on film for video review during the off-ice session.

“The cameras we use shoot 1,200 frames per second,” explained Chris. “They’re incredibly fast and things look slow during video review, so the kids can see how to fine tune their shot.”

Custom Sticks

Using the proper stick is crucial when it comes to shooting. “Most players are close to using the right hockey stick, but there are some things many people just don’t understand,” Joseph said. “There are different heights, lies, flexes, curves…you need to find something that’s right for you and your game.”

What’s right for a defenceman isn’t necessarily right for a forward, just as what’s right for an Atom player isn’t necessarily right for a Bantam player. Identifying how kids shoot and where they shoot from during the analysis stage helps the BASE crew determine custom stick recommendations for optimal shooting.

“If you get a player the right stick, they’re off to the races,” Chris stated.

How to Shoot More Accurately

Players will receive expert instruction both on- and -off the ice. During on-ice sessions, Joseph will bring his NHL skills to the forefront and teach our players:

  • Tips to improve wrist, snap and slap shots
  • How to take action at a much higher speed
  • How to shoot off either foot
  • Tactics to surprise goalies

“When you get into a game, you have no time,” shared Joseph. “You have to learn how to get your shots away with speed, accuracy and power from different stances, which is what they’ll learn during our ice sessions.”

As previously mentioned, things slow right down during the off-ice session. Players will work on synthetic ice to:

  • Improve technique
  • See how their stick flexes
  • Understand how the puck leaves the blade
  • Learn about components of a stick and how they relate to shooting

They’ll also review their shooting video in slow motion to enhance the learning process. Then it’s all about repetition and practice.

What’s the Latest?

Chris joined each Can West team for their first on-ice session in mid April and plans to complete the second on-ice session by mid May. Players have scheduled off-ice instruction individually and have been visiting the BASE Hockey shop one-by-one during the past few weeks. It’s been an excellent experience for our players, coaches and parents so far, and we’ve already recognized noticeable improvements among teams.

Our shooting consultant has also had a great experience to date, which he happily shared with us:

“The response has been amazing. All the coaches are showing up; no one has missed a session. I encourage them all to come out to help keep our message consistent. During the first session, the kids were very attentive. They had their eyes glued on me and tried their best. It’s been great! The players and staff have been super supportive and I don’t expect it’ll change.”

We’re excited to see our teams take advantage of this fantastic learning opportunity and look forward to continued growth throughout the 2017 season.