national coaches weekThis week is National Coaches Week.  We would like to thank all coaches in all sports.

Let’s all remember the time that a coach puts in with your child, please multiply that by 15 or however many players are on your team.  We see coaches at our child’s game, but there is much more than that.  The time put in over and above just the games.  Practise planning for each and every practise.  Meetings with the board, league and schedulers as required.  Countless phone calls from parents, other teams asking for exhibition games and things like researching tournaments for the team.  Looking after the paperwork required by the league or association.  Oh and throw in a full time job and a family of their own.

If your child is has or had a coach he or she likes and respects and is willing to give up his or her time and energy to help your child, you and your child should consider yourself lucky.

A coach that creates the proper environment for learning in a respectful manner has never been more needed than anytime in the past.

Thanks to all coaches in all sports!

Take time to say thanks to your coach in this National Coaches Week.