This is a great drill.  Practise outside pivots and receiving the hockey puck and hockey shot.

Hockey Shot Tips


How can I practice pivoting while shooting?


Pivot to shoot harder

I found a good way to teach the player to pivot his body while shooting. I have the player stand in front of the net off to one side awhile I toss pucks into the air in front of the player. The player must bat the puck into the net with his hockey stick at hip level. Because of his close position relative to the shot and the fact that he is hitting the puck in the air he is forced to pivot his body to bat the puck into the net. I have used this technique with players who have unusually stiff movement through their hips and stomach. Another technique is baseball batting practice. I have seen players achieve marked improvement in shooting after a season of baseball where they had intense batting practice. Both techniques are also great for developing hand eye cooridination and faster reaction time.