KHVHOCKEVILLE-POSTER2Originally a aircraft hanger from CFB Edmonton, the Morinville Arena (Ray MacDonald Arena) needs some upgrades.   We are in the top ten for Kraft Hockeyville.  Please help us by voting!  Also put this on your facebook, forward it to friends!

Morinville is in the TOP 10  for Kraft Hockeyville & this upcoming weekend is the voting process to determine the Top 1 in Western Canada so we will need as many people voting for us as possible!! We are asking for this email to be sent to all of your contacts so we can get people voting for us.

 Voting is only 48hrs starting @ 9:00pm on Mar 21st to Mar 23rd  click on Morinville Alberta and the click the vote button!!  Voting is unlimited so vote, vote, vote and vote some more!!!