A great hockey drill.  Can be introduced at younger ages, by starting with one line, building up to two lines and then three.  Emphasize timing, taking back ice.


3-Zone Timing Hockey Drill

1. To start the drill, 3 players leave from the corner (after that only 2 leave from then on)
2. First player shoots, picks up a puck from the circle, and hits the second player in the first green receiving zone
3. Receiver controls puck, then hits the third player in the second green receiving zone
4. Receiver takes a shot, picks up a puck from the circle, and hits the first player of the other line in the first red receiving zone.
5. Drill continues perpetually.

Passing Shooting Hockey Drill #1

shooting, passing and timing hockey drills

On whistle Triangle 1 skates to red line, receives pass from O1, and backs up to the blueline before pivoting forward and hitting O1 (curlng off the boards) with a breakaway pass. O1 skates in and shoots while Triangle 1 retreats to blueline, pivots and picks up puck from corner. O1 curls back to neutral zone, receives pass and enters the end zone before delaying and waiting for Triangle 1. Triangle 1 recieves pass and takes shot from the point.  Run simultaneously on the opposite side of ice.


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